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The primary objective of this line of service is to provide a cost-effective A/V alternative to small businesses and private parties without breaking their budget. Oftentimes, hotels and larger AV companies provide cost-prohibitive pricing that does not support the client budgetary goals and objectives. On average, most companies cost over twice the anticipated price for renting and using A/V equipment. 


The base form-factor E2CS uses supports the following criteria. In certain cases, if there is a requirement for a larger scale event, E2CS is committed to leveraging partnerships to meet the client’s needs. This configuration supports the following specifications:

  • Venue size of up to 4,500 Sq. Ft.
  • Up to 350 persons in banquet-style
  • Up to 450 persons in theater-style
  • Up to 400 persons in reception-style


For larger-scale scenarios, outsourced additional equipment and services are available upon request. However, in this scenario, there are cost impacts to the following:

  • Additional equipment
  • Setup before the event and Breakdown after the event
  • Labor services


Approach & Execution

  • We are committed to developing a reasonable timeline for the client to meet expectations
  • We list the Supplied Materials the client will need to meet to execute a successful implementation
  • We offer very competitive and reasonable pricing

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